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Heart of Adventure

D&D 5e Podcast

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The Backstory

Those who inhabit the world of Heart of Adventure might be lost in their present lives, but some scholars and adventurers know the history that is suffused in the earth right below their feet. Many races have their own varied origin stories for how the multiverse came into being and despite it’s beginnings being truly unknown, it’s ages and eras are well documented...


Prehistoric period:

     The multiverse is more than chaos. It is bubbles of existence that fight each other over what they truly are. The chunks of the “Heart of All” (The Dwarven name for the singularity that spawned all the multiverse) float amongst the madness, pulling at the fabric of space time and forming the different planes of existence, including the first creatures of each plane.


     The material plane’s first creatures were dinosaurs and the Leprechauns, an ugly stunted race who used their large beards as full clothing, even the women. 


     The leprechauns had thousands of years of growth, where they created the first language of the Material plane; Kazud. Which later became Dwarvish. Their internal wars and control over the material plane was stopped by the incursion of the aberrations. Mind-flayers and aboleths plunged the material plane into their rule. They mutated and experimented on every prehistoric creature they could find, splitting animals into the first horrible monsters. The Leprechauns were forced underground into hiding, and they would remain protected underground for hundreds of thousands of years, until eventually they became the race you now know as the Dwarves. But not all Leprechauns escaped underground... No, there were some who were captured by mind-flayers and tested on. The eventual fate of those creatures were lost to history.


The Elven Conquest (22,000 years before the start of the podcast):

     About 500,000 years after the Leprechauns shut themselves underground, a great breach of elves came into the material plane from the feywild, along with dark elves, from the shadowfell. The forces of the shadowfell and feywild battled fiercely over the material plane. The fighting was was so far reaching that it forced out most of the aberrations, causing them to go into hiding for their safety. In the end, the elves won, and cast the dark elves deep underground into the underdark. It was at this time that the elves first met the Leprechauns, who at that point were fully evolved into dwarves.

     The land was at relative peace. The elves lived on the land, the dwarves under mountain, and the dark elves deep in their earthen prison. The multiverse kept marching forward. Eventually the feywild and Shadowfell compensated for the new image of the material plane, and new races such as gnomes, halflings, dark gnomes, and dark dwarfs, found their way into the material plane.


The Age of Humans (8000 years ago):


     In the year 14,000 of the elf calendar a large bowl of Earth arose out of the ocean, bringing up part of the sea with it. On top of this large bowl is a body of water called the Raised Sea. Out from the islands of the Raised Sea came the first humans. The humans found their way out of the raised sea, down the stone wall of the Bowl, and using their ocean vessels they found themselves among the land of the elves, dwarves, monsters, and within a few thousand years, the Era of Dragons brought its own threats.


The Era of Dragons (4,300 years ago):

     In the elven year of 17,300 the Dragons burst themselves into the material plane. Many myths arise about the Dragon’s origins, some say they came from other planes in the multiverse, while others say that Dragons are the vengeful descendants of the ancient dinosaurs.


The Reign of Wishes (R.W. or 0 years ago):

     This is the current era. It began in the elven year 22,000. It is the first time all the races of the world aligned with the same calendar, because of one cataclysmic event; The discovery of The Wishing Star.


     The wishing star flies through the sky once every 900 years and only graces the sky for 3 seconds. In that three seconds, if anyone who can see it makes a wish, that wish is granted to the letter.


     No one knows how long The Wishing Star has floated through their sky, perhaps for all of time, but the common creatures of the world have only been made aware of it in recent history. The last time it flew through the sky (864 years ago) almost all the sentient creatures knew of its existence, and when it struck the sky the world was smashed with the force of millions of wishes which flung the world into a magical fury. Well, only half the world that is.


     As it turns out, our heroes were born on the continent of Drailea, a small island nation far away from the magical fall out of the generation of wishes. Although they have become heroes in their homeland, soon they will find themselves in a land built by wishes, both good ones and evil.

-Johnny Chase


The Maps

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